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theforinc Privacy Policy - Users


1. What is theforinc’s privacy policy?


theforinc uses and provides the user’s personal information based on the user’s consent, and actively guarantees the user’s right(the right to control one’s own personal information).


theforinc complies with applicable laws, personal information protection regulations, and guidelines of the Republic of Korea, which must be obeyed by information communication service providers.


theforinc’s Privacy Policy refers to guidelines on protecting the user’s valuable personal information which theforinc is required to comply with, in order to ensure that users use its services with confidence.


This Privacy Policy applies to theforinc services (hereinafter referred to as 'theforinc' or 'Service").


2. Collection of Personal Information


theforinc collects the minimum personal information to provide the Services.


The following minimum personal information is collected when a user signs up for the Service or while the user uses the Services, through the home page, individual applications and programs, and etc.


Contact information stored in the device address book (third party phone number, name), user name (nickname), profile photo, email, password, name (nickname), phone number, platform-specific account address provided by the company, date of birth, gender, nationality, and city.


[Customer Center] Phone number, account on the platform provided by the company (ID, email, wallet address, balance) 


Some services may collect personal information additional to those collected commonly by theforinc upon the user‘s consent in order to provide specialized services.


Additional information needs to be collected to provide more specialized services. (Users still can use the Services without agreeing to provide additional information.)


The method to collect personal information is as follows.

 In case of collecting personal information, theforinc informs the fact to user in advance and asks for his/her consent. Personal information is collected via the following methods: 

- The user agrees to the collection of personal information and enters relevant information when signing up for a service or while the user uses the Services

- Personal information is provided through affiliated services or groups.

- Personal information is provided via the home page, email, fax, phone, etc. during customer service calls.

- The user participates in online and/or offline events.


The following personal information may be collected while the user uses the Service.


Device information (OS, screen size, device ID, type of mobile phone, the model name of the device), IP address, cookies, date of visit, improper usage record, and service usage record may be automatically created and collected while the user uses the PC web or mobile web & apps.


theforinc receives the following personal information from the third parties, based upon partnership agreements or affiliation with other services.


theforinc receives payment details and usage details of the thefor shopping mall (product purchase, coin use, cash use, etc.) to provide content services linked to thefor shopping mall pages of the company's platform.


In addition, the results of the self-certification (date of birth, CI, region, customer service delivery, etc.) collected at the time of service subscription are provided for in-service identification.


 Use of personal information


It is used for member management, service provision and improvement, and new service development.


We collect the minimum personal information necessary for providing services as shown below on our website or through individual applications or programs during the service use process.

 * Member identification, confirmation of the user’s will to sign up, user and age verification, prevention of improper usage 

* Confirmation of consent of a legal representative in case of collecting personal information of children under 14 years of age, verification of identity of the legal representative thereafter 

 *Message transmission between friends, friend registration, and suggestion

 *provide friends with activity details or user search and registration functions.

 *Analyses and provides services based on demographic characteristics.

 *Notification of activities to friends, user search & sign-up

 *Develop new services, provide diverse services, resolve inquiries or complaints, and deliver notices

*Send contents, etc. to the users of paid services, or shipping/payment 

* Prevention and sanction of any act that interrupts normal service operation of the service

 *Recommend customized contents based on demographic features, users' interest, taste, and propensity, and utilized the foregoing information as marketing methods

 *Voice-command processing and voice-recognition enhancing, customized service

 *Statistics based on service usage record, frequency of visit and service use; development of service environment to protect privacy; development of customized services; service improvement.


4. Providing personal information


theforinc does not provide personal information to any third party without your consent or unless demanded by applicable laws. theforinc entrusts the following personal information to a third party to connect theforinc Services to third-party services.


theforinc shall provide no personal information to any third party without the user's prior consent. However, theforinc provides personal information to the development department, policy-providing institutions, and directly higher institutions.


In addition, personal information is provided to third parties after obtaining consent from users to use services from external partners, etc., and the status of the third-party provision of personal information for each service can be checked by requesting the relevant business support department.


theforinc entrusts the following tasks to provide the service.


theforinc entrusts personal information to third parties to perform some of the tasks that are essential to providing services. theforinc also manages and supervises the entrusted company so that it does not violate the relevant statutes.


However, for the convenience of customers who use the service, the same account, and personal information can be used for functions that are linked within the company's platform (such as shopping mall, P2P market, chat, etc.).



5. Destruction of Personal Information


The user's personal information is to be destroyed immediately once the purpose of the collection and use of personal information is fulfilled. The procedure and method of destruction are as follows:


Personal information stored in electronic file formats is to be deleted using technical means which makes the information unrecoverable. Personal information printed on paper records, printed matters, and documents is to be destroyed through shredding or incineration..


However, any information that is destroyed after being stored for a certain period under the internal policies is as follows:


1) The following information is destroyed after being kept for the maximum one (1) year from the date of the user’s withdrawal from the Service.

- theforinc account and email address to which a withdrawal notification is sent to correspond to CS inquires and to transmit announcements shall be encrypted and stored.

- Improper usage records 


2) the company separately stores or deletes the personal information of its members who have not used the Services for one year or longer in accordance with the expiration system of personal information. The stored information will be destroyed without delay after being kept for four (4) years.


Other personal information that shall be retained under the relevant laws and regulations are as follows:

 * Act on Consumer Protection in e-commerce, Framework Act on National Taxes, Electronic Financial Transactions Act, and Protection of Communications Secrets Act,


6. Other


theforinc is committed to protecting the user’s rights.


Any user may view and edit his/her personal information at any time (via a legal representative for users aged 14 or under), and may withdraw his/her consent to the collection and use of personal information, or request for the withdrawal of the Service at any time. More specifically, to change through the in-service setup function, to cancel your subscription (withdrawal of consent), click "Delete account" in the service, and if you contact the customer center in writing, by phone, or by email, we will take action within 72 hours. If you request a correction for an error in personal information, you will not use or provide such personal information until the correction is completed.


In addition, theforinc also provides a page containing information on the user’s right protection in accordance with the Privacy Guidelines for Online Customized Ads.


Cookies can be used to provide web-based services.


Cookies are used to support faster and more convenient website use and to provide customized services.


A cookie is a small piece of text file usually set by the web server, sent from a website, and stored in a User's computer hard disk while the user is browsing that website.


 [Purpose of use]


theforinc uses cookies that save and retrieve user information in order to provide personal customized service. When a user visits the website, the website server reads cookies stored on the user's device to maintain environment settings and customized services. Cookies help the user use the website easily and conveniently by finding out the user's preferences. Also, they are used to provide customized marketing information by tracing the number of visits to the website and use patterns.


 [Rejection of cookies]


The cookie does not collect personally identifiable information automatically or actively, and a user has an option for setting a cookie. Hence, a user may allow all cookies by setting the option on the web browser; whenever a cookie is stored, the confirmation thereof shall be completed; or, otherwise, a user may reject the storage of all cookies. Provided, however, when a user rejects the storage of a cookie, then the user may have some difficulties in using a service.


Examples of Settings 

1) Internet Explorer

Select "Tool" menu at the top of the browser. > "Internet Options" > "Personal Data" Tab > Settings

2) Chrome 

Select "Settings" menu at the top right side of the browser. > "Show advanced settings" > In the "Privacy" section, click "Content settings". > Cookies


theforinc complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as the domestic laws of each member country.


 The following may apply when theforinc provides services to users in EU countries.


 [Purpose/Basis of Personal Information Processing]


theforinc uses personal information collected from users only for purposes specified in "3. Use of Personal Information", informs users prior to any use thereof and asks for agreement.


In addition, theforinc may process personal information in accordance with applicable laws including GDPR in any of the following cases:

*Consent of the data subject

*Sign and fulfill a contract with the data subject

*legal compliance

*When personal information processing is necessary for the material benefit of the data subject

*For the pursuit of legitimate interests of the company (except for cases where the benefits, rights or freedom of the data subject is more important than that of the company.)


 [Guarantee of Users' Rights in EU Countries]


As described in "theforinc protects your personal information", theforinc is committed to protecting your privacy. In accordance with applicable laws including GDPR, a user may request that his or her personal information be transferred to another manager, and refuse the processing of his or her information. In addition, a user has a right to file a complaint with data privacy protection authorities.


theforinc may also use personal information for marketing purposes such as event promotion or advertisements, for which theforinc obtains a prior agreement. A user may withdraw the agreement at any time if he or she doesn't want it.


A user may inquire about the foregoing matters to the Customer Service via document, phone, or email. The request will be handled in a proper and timely manner.


When a user requests for the correction of personal information, the concerned information shall not be displayed until such correction is completed.


For any inquiries, complaints, feedback, or other matters related to personal information protection that arise while you use the Services, please contact the Privacy Protection Officer or the responsible department. theforinc will do its best to listen to you and promptly answer any questions you may have.


 Privacy Protection Officer and Responsible Department

Personnel: Kang-hyuk


Please make inquiries to the following organizations if you need to report or consult in regards to the violation of personal information.


KISA Report Center for Personal Information Breach



Cyber Crime Investigation, Supreme Prosecutors' Office



Cyber Terror Response Center, National Police Agency




Amendment to the Privacy Policy


theforinc may amend its Privacy Policy to reflect any legal or service changes. theforinc shall notify such amendment in advance, and the amended Privacy Policy shall take effect seven (7) days after the foregoing notification.


If the privacy statement changes, the newly updated version will take effect.


However, any major change in user rights, including personal information items to be collected and the purpose of collecting thereof, will be notified at least 30 days in advance.


Notification Date: January 9, 2020

Enforcement Date: January 9, 2020