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- Developer Consortium -  for  Survival Human Rights

About us
We collaborate with,
First, the development teams that make practical application of Blockchain Technology.
Second, the global teams that work for Survival Human Rights.
Third, the teams that provide international trade and global payment service.



ISEA Foundation


Mobi Friends

U.N. ECOSOC SCS, ISEA Foundation

The ISEA Foundation is a special advisory organization of the UN ECOSOC. Our organization is working towards the right to human survival with the United Nations' sustainable development goals.

In 2018, during the side-event hosted by ISEA Foundation in the United Nations, New York, the authority to administrate and manage blockchain finance has been entrusted.

In 2019, ISEA Foundation has hosted a conference in the United Nations, Geneva and created the term, Survival Human Rights.

Also, it has selected the 7 elements of Survival Human Rights, which is the very basic rights that must be guaranteed for human’s survival based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We welcome any non-profit organizations (one organization from each city of the world), who work for U.N. Agenda 2030. If you apply for our partnership, you can perform your roles on behalf of ISEA Foundation, participate in various U.N. meetings and have presentation in U.N.

You must submit the homepage address  and the activities’ report of your organization as a non-profit organization. 

When MobiDollar (and MobiCoins) is open to MobiCoins Wallet ( public market), your organization can receive supporting funds according to Survival Money policies (when it is not conference period, real-time consultation may not be available. Check announcement on our website often).

The ISEA Foundation manages a diverse development team with TheFor, Inc, a technology development consortium. It also currently holds dozens of patents. 

ISEA Foundation, which made the resolution on 7 elements of Survival Human Rights cooperates with IONEBIO Inc. and dedicates to ensuring the right to emergency medical service, which is the 3rd element of Survival Human Rights.

The ISEA Foundation manages a diverse development team with TheFor, Inc, a technology development consortium. It also currently holds dozens of patents.


Global Blockchain Finance Committee World Civic Center (GBFC WCC) is, the organizations and institutions that are selected in purpose of spreading blockchain finance and Survival Human Rights.

GBFC (Global Blockchain Finance Committee) is, the organization that has been established during the conference (May 15th~17th, 2019) held by ISEA Foundation, a non-governmental organization in the United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland.

GBFC WCC (Global Blockchain Finance Committee World Civic Center) is, Supported by GBFC with MobiDollar in order to ensure Survival Human Rights.

Mobi Friends Inderial Development Co., Ltd

Mobi Friends. Co., Ltd is,

- We are MobiCoins Agency

- A company that develops Blockchain Technology, having a great partnership with other innovative companies.

- Develops blockchain technology in detail, grafts by field, and tests for stability.

- Provides practical services and platforms for international trade and global payment.

- Develops Cryptocurrency Exchange, Cryptocurrency & Wallet and Online Stores.

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