COVID-19 Eradication air purifier

Pain-free group therapy cases

Life-saving virus relief zones

Air production beneficial to human

UN ECOSOC SCS joint recommendation

Let’s have a look at Dr. AER! 

It is the world’s first successful case of pain-free group therapy

In a hospital in Indonesia, more than 3 confirmed patients were successfully treated


It is known that infectious diseases couldn’t be treated in groups because the virus from severe patients can be transferred to mild patients and could become worse. However, in consideration of the rapid spread and pain of the confirmed patients, 8 patients were treated in the same place. In just 9 days, 7 patients were completely cured. Two days later, 1 elder had the same result. Enhanced methods were applied to result to complete recoveries in the span of 4 days.

Dr. AER that we provide is the exact machine that was used.

I will protect you and your family

There is no need to be afraid to participate in meetings.

That is because you can apply for the machine used to treat confirmed patients.




220V 60Hz





220V 60Hz

132 W/h




220V 60Hz

50 W/h




220V 60Hz

40 W/h




220V 60Hz





220V 60Hz





220V 60Hz



Dr. AER's features

It sterilizes the contaminated air we inhale from the room. The sterilized air generates ozone, far-infrared rays, and anions that are beneficial to the human body, and magnetically coated air spreads in every corner of the house. 

 Immediate Eradication of Virus and Bacteria 

Dr. AER uses combined principles of ion-exchange, absorption, decomposition, far-infrared rays, and oxygen. In less than a minute, hidden virus, germs, dust particles, allergens, and other bacterial fungi begin to die out. It sterilizes 99.9% of the air even under the beds, in the closets, shoe racks, and sinks. 



 Immediate Fatigue Recovery 

As the human body breathes air filled with anions, it helps the health by increasing oxygen saturation in the body and fully relieves it from weariness. It improves allergy constitution, strengthens lung function and immune system, purifies blood, activates cells, and acts as antioxidants.



 Increase of anion retention time and Electrostatic induction 

The anion retention time is long due to the magnetically coated air particles. 



 Eco-friendly and easy-to-move device 

It does not need any filter replacement. It helps in controlling and maintaining the freshness of stored food and fruits food decay by removing fungi

It can be installed in your home, offices or mobile cars as long as there is an outlet.

With 1 air purifying sterilizer,

it protects you and your family

If the COVID-19 group therapy succeeds and it becomes a treatment device for the virus, the distribution may be restricted. But so far, it is available for general purchases

For the sake of your health, it begins the eradication of COVID-19 in 1 minute.


The delivery is from South Korea.

The first delivery is free of charge.

A/S is free for a year

      It can be installed in 5 minutes.

Step 1: Connect the plug to the power source

Step 2: Set the operating time and break time.

             COVID-19 patients- 24.24.24
             General family- 9.9.9

COVID-19 Care Token is rewarded to the first 1000 customers.